“Would you being interested in a testimonial story for your ARIBAG. While fishing in the Leigh River, below Jim Thorpe, PA.I found in the river bed a cell phone and cash in an ARIBAG. After recharging the cell phone it still worked and was in like new condition. I located the owner who resides in Queens, New York and he informed me that he lost his cell phone over 6 months ago. I have pictures documenting the find along with photos of the operational phone.

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Here is the photo that was taken on 10/30/16, the ARIBAG was found in the Lehigh River just below White Haven, PA. This water way is a local tourist area for white water rafting and fishing. The ARIBAG was found in approximately 2′ of water during low river conditions, this area is typically 4-5′ during normal water flows. Once finding the ARIBAG, I went to the river bank and opened the ARIBAG and it had an iPHONE 6 plus and $54.00, to my surprise it was all dry. I managed to track down the owner of the phone who resides in WoodHaven, NY., I asked him how long ago he lost his phone and money, he stated he went whitewater rafting in May of 2016, making this phone and money to be submerged for 6 months. I was amazed that everything was dry and the phone was like new and operational. The owner of the phone now has his phone and money back and he too was amazed it was like new, he stated it was the best investment he ever made and that the ARIBAG paid for itself.




Mark Perlis 

–Mark Perlis (Pennsylvania)


Purchased your swim goggles at DEMA awhile back. Trying to purchase the JS200O and SS400PR but we do not handle them at the dive shop that I am associated with in Sarasota and Bradenton. I have looked online to no success. 

I am a Scuba Instructor and often time teach snorkeling and swimming. Your kids goggles are the best with the very young ones.

–Pamela Silagyi (Florida)


Our park sells the AriBags to our guests. Besides having a protection bag, AriBags also enable our guests to capture all the moments of excitement while they are tubing. Nobody ever complains about the AriBag, it is a very well made bag.

–Jessica Halsey (Dunnellon, FL)


I ran a kayak rental place. Back in July of this year, one of our customers found a phone in the AriBag at the bottom of the river. After doing some research, the phone has been in the water for 10 days. Much to my surprise, the phone was still working perfectly. However, I wish the owner of the phone had left some air in the bag as the bag would have floated instead.

–Ray (Crystal River, FL)


“On 4th of July weekend, I went to Aquatica with my family. I purchased one of the AriBags for my iPhone 6+, so that I can video all the actions. I am so impressed that the video quality came out crystal clear, also the sound quality is sound and clear. This is an amazing product for an occasion like this. Check out the video below:


–Manny Whitworth (Tampa, FL)


“I am a boat captain in Marathon, FL. I found a phone in the bottom of the ocean last week. I went home and charged the phone up. I was able to find the owner of the phone. Much to my surprise, the owner lost his phone in the ocean for over 10 days. The phone was still in perfect condition. This is a great product for any shore excursion.”

–Mark Anonymous (Marathon, FL)


“I purchased an Aribag a couple of months ago for a paddle boarding trip in Florida. This past weekend, I used the bag again for a kayaking trip here in GA. The bag and my phone were lost in a rapid and never resurfaced. Yesterday, I received a call that my bag had been found. When I opened it, I couldn’t believe it, but my phone was bone dry, in perfect condition, and still had a charge. It had been in the river 4 whole days.  

Thank you so much for providing a quality product that exceeded my expectations.”

–Janet Adair  (Dallas, GA)


“My 9 year old daughter, Sophie, is autistic and nonverbal. Her iPad is an integral part of her day.  A couple of months ago she decided to give it a bath and since we only had a shock proof case and not a water proof case, the iPad was ruined.  Thankfully, Sophie was gifted a first gen iPad which has worked wonderfully for her. but it proved a challenge to find a case that was not just shock proof but water proof as well.  The search lead me to the Aryca Rock.  I was a little skeptical knowing how easily Sophie figures out puzzles and combinations.  I didn’t know if she would leave the iPad in the case or not.  I didn’t know if the membrane could be easily torn or not.  I figured the only way to find out was to try it.  Sophie has had it for over a month now and I can tell you it has exceeded my hopes.  There are 4 different locks to maneuver to open the case.  Two are clips and two have tabs to be lifted and then the whole thing must be twisted.  She has not figured it out.  She tested it’s waterproof protection within 24 hours and it worked perfectly.  She has also dropped it or set it down roughly many time and there isn’t a scratch on it.  The membrane is much tougher than I expected.  She did end up tearing it but only because one of her siblings gave it to her without the iPad in it and she became frustrated.  When the iPad is in the case, she cannot tear the membrane.  I am recommending this case to all my friends, especially those who have children with special needs”. 

–Marjorie St. John (Milledgevill, GA) (www.wrapmywaytochina.com)


“I used both the Wave and Tide while on vacation in Dominican Republic where i went to the beach and into rivers/waterfalls and mountains. Aside from that the case is also great for fishing and laying out by the pool! The case keeps water out but still allows the phone to take great pictures/videos and allows for you to still hear music playing or record sound and text around water! Anytime you’re near water, i’d recommend you have an Aricase!  “

–John Pena (Tampa, FL)


“While snorkeling for lobsters with my wife in Key West, I noticed a small object with a string attached and picked it up. What I found was your iPhone case with an iPod inside. It was about 7-8′ of water just sitting on the bottom. The following day I opened the case and found that the iPod inside did not appear to have been breached by any saltwater. I charged the iPod, which was completely dead, and later on that day I turned it on and found that it was still operational and noticed that there were pictures taken around the same area where I was snorkeling back in February! I was very impressed that your case kept the iPod safe in water from February to the end of July!                                                                                                                                                             

-Tom Larzelere (Bradenton, FL)

“Have competed as a triathlete for 30 years and currently coach triathletes nationwide, I can see the Aryca goggles being used by a variety of water sports such as sailboard, kayak, surfing, … etc. I tried the MS 200 goggles. I like the easy fit and the ease of adjustment. It offers some of the smaller features as swim goggles but also the vision of a mask used by many open water swimmers. I definitely recommend this product to the ones who use the open water the open water masks. I feel it gives a slightly lower profile with all the vision benefit of a larger mask.”                                                                        

 -Scot Moser –   “Owner of Further Up the Road Multisport Coaching, Inc”

“My hobbies are jet skiing, fishing, boating, and a lot of water/beach related activities. I always carry the wave aricase with me each time. It is so easy of use and sturdy and of course it’s completely waterproof. I will definitely recommend this to any one who does any water sports.”                                                 

- Todd Williams, Australia -

” The Aryca iPad housing is the only housing, after hundreds of in water tests, that is completely protective of our research iPad! This German TV show about our language studies of dolphins and non-humans could not have been done without the Aryca iPad housing.”

 – Jack Kassewitz (www.speakdolphin.com)

 I love standup paddle boarding. I went out with a friend of mine one day. She had a waterproof case for her iPhone and I had my iPhone in the Aricase with the provided yellow floating lanyard. Because of the wave, both of our cases fell into the water. Hers sank down to the bottom of the sea and couldn’t be found. Mine was lost for a while. I looked at the direction of the Tide and saw the yellow floating lanyard sticking out on the beach. I am grateful for this Aricase which kept my phone dry, and saved it from sinking to the bottom of the ocean.                                

 - Tessa Blosser (www.whatsupsouthtampa.com)

I owned a shop on Crystal River, FL. I organize manatee tours for many tourists. I started selling the Aricases two years ago. Our customers love them. They can use their own smartphone to video all the interactions with the manatees. With Aricases, they convert their smartphones to underwater cameras within seconds. They are able to upload to Facebook or Youtube to share with their friends instantly. Besides bringing me some extra sales, these cases enhance the experience of our customers to a great deal. I haven’t had any negative experience about these cases. They are absolutely safe to use”                                      

 -Julie Wolf  (www.floridamanateetours.com)

I owned a snorkeling shop down in Key Largo. Most of my customers are tourists. My experience with the Aryca waterproof cases have been so great. Besides bringing additional income to us, they also enhance the experience of snorkeling in the Keys. We absolutely love them”

-Kathie Theiss  (www.snorkelingisfun.com)

I absolutely love my case. I have the Samsung galaxy s3. And have had several different cases. And nothing compared to yours. Me and my two year old go to the ymca all the time. My daughter took ISR. Which is water survival skills. I record her with me in the water so it’s a short video. But They are taught to float and rest and breathe them turn to swim then float again. Keep doing the sequence till you can get out of the water to safety. This is just a short video of her floating then swimming to me while I was recording with my phone in the case. I love the case and only take it out to charge it. Thanks so much for a great product and don’t change a thing about it.

- Amy Wright (Greensboro, NC)